Insurance and Liability

Shipping Policy: Insurance and Liability

Importance of Shipping Insurance

We understand the importance of the safe delivery of your purchase. While we take every precaution to ensure your items are securely packaged, unforeseen circumstances can occur during transit.

Standard Liability for Shipments

For shipments, it's important to note that without purchasing extra shipping insurance, the maximum reimbursement for an item's value is limited to $100 USD. In the event of damage or loss during shipping, you are entitled to a maximum compensation of $100 USD, regardless of the item's actual value.

Our Recommendation: Purchase Shipping Insurance

For your peace of mind and added protection, we strongly recommend purchasing shipping insurance for your items. This insurance covers the full value of your goods against loss or damage during transit. Opting for this additional coverage ensures that the full value of your items is protected, beyond the standard $100 reimbursement.

How to Purchase Shipping Insurance

Purchasing shipping insurance is straightforward and can be done through our checkout process. You'll have the option to select shipping insurance for your order, covering the declared value of your items. We encourage you to consider this option, especially for high-value items, to safeguard your purchase.

Peace of Mind with Insurance

By insuring your shipment, you ensure that your investment is protected. While we hope every package arrives safely, shipping insurance provides an extra layer of security for those rare instances where issues arise.

Missing Parcel That Shows as Delivered

Self-search for Delivered Packages: If detailed tracking information indicates the package was delivered. Unfortunately, shipping insurance cannot provide compensation for lost or stolen packages under these circumstances. We suggest customer to file a police report for investigation.
Scheduling Personal Delivery: If you wish to receive the package in person, please contact the local delivery partner and schedule the delivery in advance.

Details about Missing Parcel That Shows as Delivered.