Missing Parcel That Shows as Delivered

What to Do if Your Order is Marked as Delivered But Not Received

If the shipping status of your order is marked as "delivered", but you have not received the item, please consider the following steps:

Initial Steps to Locate Your Package

  1. Check Delivery Address: Ensure that the delivery address was entered correctly.
  2. Look for Door Tags: Search for any notes left by the delivery service during an attempted delivery when you were not available.
  3. Check Common Areas: Look in parcel lockers, mailboxes, in front of your door, or at a security office for your package.
  4. Ask Neighbors or Housemates: Inquire if neighbors, family members, or friends accepted the package on your behalf.
  5. Contact Local Delivery Company: If still not found, contact the local delivery company or the delivery driver, as the item may still be in their possession.

Important Notes

  • Self-search for Delivered Packages: If detailed tracking information indicates the package was delivered. Unfortunately, shipping insurance cannot provide compensation for lost or stolen packages under these circumstances. We suggest customer to file a police report for investigation.
  • Scheduling Personal Delivery: If you wish to receive the package in person, please contact the local delivery partner and schedule the delivery in advance.